Poblano Pepper Growing Season (When to Start?)

So you want to grow poblano peppers. Join the club! Your first step is to start your poblanos – but when?

Start your poblano peppers 8-10 weeks before you plan to transplant them. Research your growing season zone to determine your projected final frost and ideal planting dates. For example, if you live in Zone 8, the last frost is likely to be in mid-March so you should start your seeds in late January to early February.

Read on to learn all about when to start your poblano peppers!

What season do you grow poblano peppers?

Poblano pepper growing season completely depends on where you live.

The season you grow poblano peppers depends on your growing zone. For example, zones 4-6 transplant their poblanos in early summer, whereas zones 7-8 transplant in mid-spring and zone 9 transplants in late summer.

You can transplant your seedlings once nighttime lows reach about 50°F.

Here’s a handy list of roughly when to transplant based on your hardiness zone:

Hardiness ZoneLast Frost DateWhen to Start Poblano Pepper Seeds
Zone 1May 22-June 4March 13-April 3
Zone 2May 15-22March 6-March 27
Zone 3May 1-16February 20-March 21
Zone 4April 24-May 12February 13-March 17
Zone 5April 7-30January 27-March 5
Zone 6April 1-21January 21-February 24
Zone 7March 22-April 3January 11-February 6
Zone 8March 13-28January 2-January 31
Zone 9February 6-28November 28-January 3
Zone 10*no frost anticipated*anytime
Table of USDA Hardiness Zones, average last frost dates, and projected planting dates for poblano pepper seeds.

Clearly, poblano peppers grow in different seasons based on your growing zone. Poblano peppers won’t do well in zone 4 until summer, whereas zone 9 poblanos can be transplanted at the very end of winter!

The downfalls of each zone are different too. Zone 9 poblanos may not survive the harsh subtropical summers, whereas zone 6 poblanos will be killed off at first frost.

This is why “snowbirds” have such a steep gardening learning curve when they move down south!

Can poblano pepper grow all year round?

The answer may surprise you!

Poblano peppers can grow all year round if you protect them from the elements, whether that means growing them indoors or in a greenhouse. You can also grow them outside for most of the year and bring them inside when the weather gets too harsh.

What season do you grow poblano peppers? Depending on where you live, the answer could be anytime!

Poblano peppers are indeterminate, meaning they will continue to produce until killed by frost or excessive heat. If you protect them from extreme weather, they’ll just keep on producing!

Poblanos can grow more than just all year round – in fact, they can grow for many years! Following all the best growing tips will help your peppers thrive for years to come.

Can you grow poblano pepper in winter?

Some people can even grow poblanos outdoors in the winter!

You can grow poblano peppers in winter if you live in a subtropical climate. You can also grow them in the winter in a greenhouse or indoors.

You can grow poblano peppers in the winter if you live in a warm hardiness zone. Warmer hardiness zones have different growing seasons than more temperate climates! 

You can check out this Florida gardening calendar if you want to get an idea of what grows during different times of the year in subtropical climates. Central and South Florida are good examples to look through. 

You can also grow poblano peppers in the winter in a heated greenhouse or indoors, whether that’s in containers or hydroponically.

When should I start planting poblano seeds?

Let’s get to it – when do you start your seeds?

You should start planting poblano seeds 8-10 weeks before you plan to transplant. Transplant when nighttime temperatures are regularly above 50°F.

You should start your seeds 8-10 weeks before you’re going to transplant them. 

If you want to decrease transplant shock, “harden them off” for a few days before you transplant them. This involves keeping them at 60°F and reducing their water.

When should I start poblano peppers indoors?

What if you’re growing indoors?

You can start poblano peppers indoors whenever you please! If you’re growing indoors and don’t have to worry about growing seasons, there’s no reason to start your peppers at a specific time. 

If you’re growing your poblano peppers indoors or in a heated greenhouse, you can start your seeds whenever you want! 

This is because the temperature-controlled environment prevents you from aiming for a specific transplant date.

As mentioned before, growing poblano peppers indoors allows you to have peppers year-round, for multiple years – so it’s not a bad idea!